Did This Actor Replaces Ajay Devgn In Singham 3!

Singham 3, Ajay Devgn is going to be replaced by this bollywood actor.

Singham, The blockbuster hit from the kitty of Rohit Shetty is surely a remarkable film. While the film starred Ajay Devgn in first two instalments, there are rumours that in third part i.e. Singham 3, Ajay Devgn is going to be replaced by Sunny Deol.

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Reports suggest that Sunny was quite impressed by the film Si 3 starring south actor Suriya in lead and desired to get cast in the Hindi version of it.  Sunny seems so excited as he even called Ajay and told him about his starring in the film. He also told Ajay he won’t use the name Singham anywhere.

singham - bollywood beans

Well before stepping forward, let me clear you that these statements are just speculations as Rohit Shetty has reported the media that “Yes all copyrights are with us to make any films as part of the Singham franchise as well as use the name in the film titles, hope this clears the recent rumours on the same,”

Now you must be wondering about how come Sunny Deol came in all this, then for your knowledge folks, Sunny Deol is going to be starred in the remake of Suriya’s Si3, which will be a standalone Bollywood film. So, Sunny is not going to replace Ajay Devgn in any which way.

Rohit Shetty added again that, “We would like to inform once again and reiterate that all titles, copyrights and trademarks relating to the Bollywood Singham franchise belong solely to Reliance Entertainment in its whole. News of any other production house or film entity reporting to make Singham 3 or any feature film on Singham is inaccurate and baseless.”

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