Shine like Disha Patani in 3 Easy Steps!

Kill The Monday Blues With Disha Patani Hues!!

This season is not of the classic Smokey Eyes but also of Smiled Eyes. It’s a good look from late nights to al dawn, for those who have always lacked time because they do not have to worry about making clean lines. This is the only perfect way to apply mascara in this season – Smiled & Random.

dissha patani @bollywood beans

Step 1. After cleansing the face, tone and moisturizing, apply the foundations to match your colour. If there are scars or dark circles, then get clamped with the help of the concealer. Set the base with Lose Powder.

Step 2. Make eyeshadow of brown or natural shades. Put thin mascara on lower waterline. On the upper lid, mascara should be lightened with the help of the smasher with eyeshadow. Two to three coats of Mascara are enough to show your eyes to be enticing.

Step 3. Make Messy Textured hair with it and you are ready for Monday morning’s early morning.

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