Omg! These Bollywood Celebrities Beleives In Superstitons And Are Religiously Following It

Everyone who owns name, fame and success always fears about losing it and so do our Bollywood celebrities. Things are not certain with time, it keeps on changing, what one owns today could vanish in a blink of the eye and no one could get this better than our Bollywood celebrities as they live in one magical land where every minutes things keep on, in fear of losing it our celebrities practices some strange superstitions, have a look on them:


1.Shah Rukh Khan – Bollywood King Khan follows the numerical superstitions as he didn’t drive a car or bike which lacks the number 555 on it. It seems 555 is Shah Rukh’s lucky number.

2.Shilpa Shetty – This stunning diva is an owner of IPL Team Rajasthan Royals. whether call it her superstition or her belief but she never shies away in doing all of that which takes to host the winning flag.Shilpa wears two watches in her hand and sits cross-legged during the match when her team owns the fielding ground in match.


3.Sanjay Dutt -Looks like Sanju Baba is also having some number obsession as he prefers going out in a car having numbers 4545 on its plate. so folks, whenever you spot a car having numbers 4545 on it, don’t miss to look inside it, who knows you might end up meeting Sanjay Dutt!


4. Salman Khan – The secret of his turquoise bracelet is out for world as that bracelet was given as a gift by his father Salim Khan and Salman has this belief that the bracelet keeps her lady luck going strong.


5.Bipasha Basu- like every other woman, she also prefers having nimbu mirchi to keep evil eyes off. Bipasha practices this nimbu mirchi thing every Saturday and binds them to her car.


6.Vidya Balan – Oh La La, Vidya loves red colour the most and she believes that red colour is quite lucky for her. she also wears Hashmi kajal in her eyes and never go out without it. looks like Kajal can also bring luck to you ladies, but mind it! It’s Hashmi Kajal.


7.Ranbir Kapoor- Ranbir is truly a  mumma’s boy at heart and his obsession with number 8 is the proof here as like many other actors he perfers number 8 on his car plate . well if anyone is wondering about the connection of number 8 to his mumma’s boy image, then time to educate yourself, 8th is the birthdate of his mother Neetu Kapoor.


8.Hrithik Roshan- Greek God Hrithik’s believes that his extra thumb is quite lucky for him.


9.Akshay Kumar –  so, this is the reason behind Akshay’s frequent foreign trips. Akshay prefers to fly out abroad before his film releases as he believes that his presence in city might end up a flop at box office.


10.Ranveer Singh – Ranveer Singh wears a black thread tied around his ankle. well, this must be on everyone’s belief that tying black thread can keep evil practices off you.

11.Deepika Padukone- Deepika visit to Siddhivinayak Temple every time before the release of her film and owes all her film success story to God as she has this belief that God’s blessings is keeping her high in the industry.


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