“Thank You, We Exist Only Because Of You Papa”: Happy Father’s Day



18 June 2017, in India is celebrated as Father’s day. The bond between a father and child is very special. When a child opens his/her eyes for first time to see the world, then the world which he/she witnesses is their parents. A really excited father and that loving mom, whose happiness is never going to end any time soon as they are quite excited about their child birth.  Listen Child, you exist because of them. When your father holds your hand to make you walk on your feet, when you cried, and your father gave chocolates and took you for a ride. Everywhere, every time and in every situation, this is your father who never thought about anything else but just about you and made every stone turned for your betterments. In life, your father is the man who acts as a shelter for you keeping you away from ill traits. But did you ever think about your father, have you ever said thankyou to him for everything what you own in your life today. If not, then it’s never too late. This father’s day let’s start it with a thank you, call, meet or even mail him and say Thank you papa , your words are just enough than any expensive gifts . so, let him know that yes, you are thinking about him and you know that you exist only because of him, Love you papa!!!

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