Top 8 Hollywood Movies Which Were Copied From Bollywood.

A glance to top Hollywood movies inspired from Bollywood.

We are all accustomed to watch Bollywood movies which are ‘inspired’ or were ‘official remakes’ or if we say in technical terms were more a less a ‘copy-paste’ of Hollywood movies. But now you can also feel proud of being a Bollywoodian after reading this, as it has happened the other way around as well. Yes, indeed we too are copied by Hollywood.

Below is the list of Hollywood movies which were get inspired in one way or other and even in all coordinates from Bollywood movies.

8. Kill Bill (2003)- Abhay (2001)

Kill bill movie copy Abhay(2001)

Quentin Tarantino admitted to Anurag Kashyap that he saw Indian serial-killer film – “Abhay” and the infamous animation-action sequence in his written and directed movie “Kill Bill” was inspired by it. Kill Bill earned over $180 million at the box office.


7. Leap Year (2010)– Jab We Met (2007)

Leap year movie copy jab we met

Anand Tucker Directed Leap Year, which is a story of a girl full of life who decides to propose her boyfriend, but on the way gets interrupted by a series of unlikely events, hires a boy to took her to her boyfriend, shares the hotel room, falls in love with him, gets separated and reunites in the end. Yes, the story is completely inspired to Imtiaz Ali directorial “Jab We Met”.

The $19 million budget Leap Year starred by Amy Adams and Matthew Goode earned $32.6 at the box office.


6. Win A Date With Tad Hamilton! (2004)– Rangeela (1995)

win a date movie copy rangeela(1995)

Robert Luketic directed “Win a Date With Tad Hamilton!” is heavily inspired by Ram Gopal Varma’s Rangeela, the film follows a small-town girl who wins a contest for a date with a movie star, and end up forming a love triangle between the girl, the star and the girl’s best friend. The movie ends up with a collection of $21.3 million at the box office.


5. Pearl Harbor (2001)- Sangam (1964)

Pearl harber movie copy Sangam(1964)

Michael Bay directed “Pearl Harbor” was inspired by one of the Raj Kapoor’s classics – “Sangam”. Yes, you read it correctly. As criticized by the audience for focusing more on the love triangle and less on the incidence of Pearl Harbour in the movie, you can easily resemble the movie’s plot with Sangam, where an air force pilot considered dead comes back and increases the curiosity in the audience for the love result in the love triangle. The four Academy Awards nominated movie went on to collect $449.2 million at the box office.


4. The Dirty Dozen (1967) – Do Ankhen Barah Haath (1957)

the dirty dozen copy do aakh barah haath

Robert Aldrich directed “The Dirty Dozen” has a similar story line to V.Santaram’s “Do Ankhey Barah Haath”, that portrayed 12 jail convicts who were trained into military men or good citizens. The most amusing part was both the movies have 12 convicts in number. The Dirty Dozen collected $45.3 million during those days.


3. Delivery Man (2013)– Vicky Donor (2012)

dilivery image movie copy vicky donar

Vince Vaughn’s “Delivery Man” was a reconstruction of Shoojit Sircar’s “Vicky Donor”. The movie was based on the idea of donating and selling sperm. Delivery Man went up to deliver $50 million in the account of the filmmakers from the box office collection.


2. Fear (1996)– Darr (1993)

fear movie daar (1993)

James Foley’s “Fear” was inspired in all coordinates in context to Yash Chopra’s epic blockbuster “Darr”. We can say it in all coordinates inspiration as the director not only used the same name (English translation of Hindi word Darr), but also many scenes in the movie are similar to that of Darr, even Mark Wahlberg who played the role of Shah Rukh in the movie can be seen carving the name of the actress on the chest just like SRK did in Darr. A $6.5 million budget movie went on to collect $20.8 million at the box office.

Before we go on to our first choice here are some Honourable Mentions:


* Just Go With It (2011)- Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya (2005)

just do with it copy maine-pyar-kyu-kiya


* Hitch (2005)- Chhoti Si Baat (1975)

hitch movie chhoti si baat(1975)


* The Reincarnation of Peter Proud (1975) – Madhumati (1958)

the-reincarnation-of-peter-proud copy Madhumati movie


1. A Common Man (2013)– A Wednesday ! (2008)

a common man copy a Wednesday

It took Academy Award winner Ben Kingsley to play the role of Naseeruddin Shah’s character in the Chandran Rutnam’s “A Common Man” which was an official remake of Neeraj Pandey’s “A Wednesday !”. A Common Man’s went on to win Best Picture, Best Director and Best Actor awards at the Madrid International Film Festival and the bronze medal in the Feature Films category at the New York Festival’s International Television and Film Awards.

We all hope in the end that our Bollywood keeps on inspiring the world entertainment in the coming future for a long time. “Kudos Bollywood keep the good work on…”.

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