Twitter goes crazy comparing Priyanka Chopra pic to Radhe Maa!

Twitter goes crazy comparing Priyanka Chopra pic to Radhe Maa!

A picture of India’s biggest sensation in Hollywood, Priyanka Chopra, is inflicting quite stir on Twitter from the last one week.
“As Priyanka Chopra continues to rule the globe as a worldwide star, fans and critics aren’t able to spare her even for the oldest of things. an image from an old shoot re-surfaced on-line and Twitteratti goes crazy over Priyanka Chopra’s look within the photo,” reports a leading daily that reads, “Priyanka Chopra’s blonde pic surfaces, trolls decision it come of Radhe Maa”.

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In the pic, the role player has donned a surprising “red knit dress with a cape-styled detail on the neck, with daring graphic liner on the eyes and a red lipstick. however what’s most putting concerning her look is that the blonde wig”, reads the write-up adding tweets like “Guys, the wait is over. Radhe Maa is back.”

“Priyanka Chopra’s old photoshoot for a fashion magazine resurrected recently and social media set to troll it whereas invoking Game Of Thrones, woman Gaga and Radhe Maa within the method”,

“Priyanka is a global icon, so is Radhe Maa. Priyanka is an ocean of achievements whereas Radha Maa is an ocean of kindness all the way stars in their title. however, to match the pic to Radhe Maa’s simply because the ‘god woman’ prefers to wear red, is taking things a trifle too so much”, remarks the Bollywood publicist Dale Bhagwagar.

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