World Tobacco Day: Say No To Cigarettes With These Bollywood celebs



If you are Planning to quit smoking, then there is no good day then, as it is itself the world tobacco day today. Smoking is a factor majorly indulged with tobacco in our country. Be it a celebrity or a common man, at a stage everyone has tasted the cigarette spoof. Our B- town celebs are creating new milestones in life by inspiring us with their no smoking traits. Some of our celebs have already left this awful habit while some are trying hard to kick the butt off.

Let’s take an oath on this world tobacco day to create the awareness and determination to be more healthier and off track from smokes & tobacco stuffs.

Our favorite actors, Hrithik, Salman and many others have left the smoking habit and many actors like Shah RukH , Aamir, Sushmita sen are struggling to it.

Hrithik while talking about his will to quit smoking added, “Whenever someone offers me a cigarette, I take it in my hand and crush it”.

Salman left smoking as he is suffering from trigeminal neuralgia and didn’t want any extra pain in life. His facial pain is already frozing his bones and he want to overcome all this to a healthy man.

Shah Rukh after many a struggle is unable to kick off his addiction and even get witnessed some time in a no smoking zone with cigarettes.


All have their own stories but with this article we just want to appreciate lives and wishes that everyone should adhere a strict no to tobacco stuffs.


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